Gov. Inslee had a curious start to his press conference Wednesday, instead of an update on COVID-19, he spent the first 11-12 minutes lecturing Washington about his views on racial issues, name the rioting in Seattle and numerous area cities.

He addressed alleged misdoings by Seattle law enforcement, and the Washington State Patrol.  He referenced a video that's surfaced of WSP Troopers in the Seattle riots. Inslee said in the video the commander addressing his officers while under 'fire' from bottles and in the midst of the melee used inappropriate language to describe the rioters.

Around 8:42 mark or so, Inslee does admit that law offices, WSP included, have a "tough job" and he mentioned that besides bottles and other objects being thrown, commanders now say that rioters are trying to shine lasers into the eyes of the officers with the hope of blinding them.   But he then very quickly brushed off those threats, and his verbal tone became stern and lecturing about the need for law offices to adhere to certain standards. The overall tone of how he addressed the protests, riots and law enforcement was pretty much disrespectful and dismissive, especially the way he brushed off the hazards they are facing in these situations.

Inslee then segues to COVID, providing the latest county by county update as to who's at Phase Two.  King County is going for Phase 1.5, whatever that is.

He mentioned six more counties who are applying for Phase 2, no doubt that would probably include Benton Franklin.

One of the questions he was asked about was the reported tens of thousands of riot related alleged complaints against Seattle Police, he said he believes officers have be held to a higher standard.  He also was asked about news reports about the Seattle Police Department budget possibly being cut, per liberal members of the City Council. Inslee deferred that question, saying he basically had enough things to deal with with the state.

To watch the conference for yourself, click on the button below.

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