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Gov. Inslee can issue 'special' statements about a Democratic House Rep not seeking re-election, or the death of a former WA state justice.  He can issue statements condemning the RNC (Republican National Committee) for their stand on the 'capitol insurrection one year ago, but is rather quiet when a law officer dies in WA

Three Officers Have Died in 2022 as a Direct Result of engaging criminal suspects.

On January 29th Officer Donald Sahota was inadvertently shot by a Clark County Deputy as Sahota was trying to apprehend a suspect breaking into his home in Vancouver, WA

March 16th, Pierce County Deputy Dominique Calata was fatally shot while attempting to serve an arrest warrant in Spanaway, WA.

Then March 25th, Everett Officer Dan Racha was fatally shot as he engaged a suspect whom he was investigating after getting a suspicious person call. The suspect ran over the officer with a car after he'd been shot in the head and left at the scene. His shocking death has hit a nerve across the state, with a LOT of news coverage. 

There has been flag-lowering for two of the three officers, but no separate statement.

There have been flag lowerings for two of the three officers, but these are part of regular protocols observed by the Governor's office. The office regularly issues flag-lowering directives for state workers and other persons who die in the line of duty or their job for the state.

However, no specific statements were issued about them. Inslee did issue a news release statement on March 16th about Democratic House Rep. Pat Sullivan not seeking re-election.

He also issued a partisan attack statement February 4th 2022 on the RNC over their stand (and statement) on what his office referred to as the capitol insurrection in January 2021.

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And last year, he said it was a "moral mandate" when it came to signing his "police reform package" of a dozen or so laws that have seriously handcuffed law enforcement in our state.  These laws have resulted in skyrocketing crime rates in every county.

But when it comes to making a special statement about the tragic death of a law enforcement officer, Inslee cannot seem to find the time. Perhaps this is reflective of how he views the law enforcement community.

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