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Thursday, during a press conference, Gov. Inslee insinuated gas and oil companies are responsible for WA state's record high gas prices. However, other climate and energy experts disagree.

 Governor 'suggests' legislative action for more transparent pricing

According to reports, including KIRO-7 TV in Seattle, the Governor could suggest legislative proposals that would require more "transparency" when it comes to prices at the pump. Some environmentalists say those policies would help determine if price gouging is taking place.

However, Todd Meyers of the Washington Policy Center says the price jumps are the result of the state's carbon credit tax plan, which requires industries and businesses to purchase carbon credits to offset the 'pollution' they generate. Those costs are then passed onto consumers because operational costs rise.

Since the two carbon credit auctions, WA state prices have risen to the highest in the US.

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GOP House Representative Mary Dye, who is the ranking Republican on the House Environment and Energy Committee, released a statement following Inslee's remarks, saying in part:

 “Washington state has the highest gas prices in the nation because of the governor's cap-and-trade program that took effect in January. Governor Inslee's new climate mandate, which is the most expensive of its kind in the nation, has forced fuel prices to rise by 50 cents per gallon in our state"

Last year, when asked about the impact of the carbon tax program, which went into effect in January, 2023, Gov. Inslee was quoted as saying the cost would only be "pennies,"  but in May, the State Department of Ecology removed those claims from their website.

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