Gov. Inslee Wednesday afternoon the state is breaking down counties by risk, and making recommendations on how to open schools.

Inslee said there will be flexibility as to how schools will open, but much of his recommendations came across as mandatory.  Inslee also claimed local input and decision making is important but he appeared to in a roundabout way imply that citizen input was not really taken into account. Leaving that up to health departments--who take direction from the WSDOH.

Moderate to High risk counties have 75 or more new cases in a 14 day period per 100,000 population are "strongly recommended" to use distance learning, and cancel all extracurricular activities such as sports. B-F Counties would fall into these categories.

Low Risk schools are 25 new cases per 100,000, only five counties meet this criteria. They recommend  a hybrid mix of learning both distance and in class. Especially for elementary school students.

Inslee continued to expound his science and data about COVID.

That explains why out area schools are beginning online.

OPI Chris Reykdal also said when schools do get ready to re open it would have to be gradually and slowly, in smaller groups.

Both Inslee and Reykdal lectured families and students about the wearing of masks as well as doing homework and completing online assignments.

Reykdal also said due to no Federal waivers, student assessment tests will take place this year even though there's been online learning.

Much of the conference contained language that was difficult to follow. Inslee and Reykdal appeared to at times be talking around specific reporters questions, such as why school re opening was not included as part of the Safe Start plan.

No other tremendous amounts of information was passed along, we have a link to where you can watch the conference for yourself.

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