Newstalk 870 received an interesting email from the office of Governor Jay Inslee Tuesday:

Dear Supporter,

I'm happy to report that Sunday I was able to sign a new operating budget for the state of Washington and avert a partial government shutdown... I am pleased that we were able to pass a budget that delivers $1 billion in education funding and protects vital programs for Washington's kids and seniors. Will you help spread the word about this accomplishment by clicking here to share this graphic on Facebook?

Inslee goes on to flaunt that Medicare was expanded and vital services protected. As for his admission, "We didn't get everything we wanted," you will note he did not specifically say, "We didn't get the $1.5 billion in new taxes from the House Democratic budget proposal that I supported,'" although that's closer to the truth.

Inslee went on to say:

"I am disappointed we were not able to reach an agreement with senate Republicans to close a number of unnecessary tax loopholes. This year's improved revenue forecast helped us meet our short-term goals, and made clear that we did need to find new revenue, but I remain committed to securing a long-term education funding strategy by fixing these loopholes in upcoming sessions."



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