Some political observers and even those on CNN are insinuating Gov. Jay Inslee has pretty much blown his big chance to wiggle his toe into the Democratic Presidential race.

Wednesday night during a CNN Town Hall broadcast featuring the virtually unknown candidate, he tripped up on a question that stems from what he's based his entire campaign on: the environment.

An audience member asked him, "How can we fix our broken recycling system?" referring to how a lot of pollution could be reduced, and could perhaps some of the waste used for energy generation?

Inslee has based his entire campaign on the Green Energy movement, global warming and climate change. But according to KTTH-AM talk show host Jason Rantz, and the CNN video, Inslee fumbled the ball.  He answered with basically, "I don't know." This is rather shocking for someone who would have everyone believe he knows everything there is to know about climate change and global warming.

Is Inslee not aware the City of Tacoma (for example) has actively engaged in programs to upgrade, improve and increase their recycling and it appears to be starting to work? Apparently not.

According to Rantz and, his answer was:

“I thought I had the answers to every question and I don’t have (an) answer to that,” Inslee stupidly admitted. “But next time we meet, I’m going to have a better approach. I know that I have a team of people who are looking for options on this.”

Even CNN moderators seemed to wince at his answer, and overall performance. Until recently, Inslee was polling at -0-%, and finally climbed enough to reach close to 1%, which is the requirement to participate in the Democratic candidate debates later this summer and fall.

However, most commentators believe when he had his one big chance to actually gain some traction, and perhaps get exposure, he blew it.

As Rantz said in his article, regarding Inslee's "next time we meet" comment,  "There won't be a next time, Jay."

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