You have to admire him for his tenacity.  Most of the time when you get posterized politically, you quickly learn a few lessons.

You have forgotten early in the first presidential term of Bill Clinton, he was nearly as liberal and progressive as Obama. Remember Hillary's idea for an Obamacare-like health care system? After being shot down in flames and soundly flogged by the GOP takeover of Congress in 1994, Clinton quickly moved to the middle. Despite his dalliances with interns, he actually tried to work with the GOP on many issues, and he was wary of what happens when you propose ideas the voters don't like.

But Gov. Inslee has not budged from his desire to pass a multi-billion dollar transportation package that would be fueled by a $0.25-per-gallon gas tax. The Washington State  Coalition, a group of 25 state senators, refused to budge on any significant tax increases during the six months it took the state legislature to pass it's budget.

The Coalition consists of 23 GOP and 2 Democratic leaders who effectively blunted the state House and Inslee from virtually all of their new tax increases, including extending the temporary business and occupation tax, and numerous others.

Inslee is pushing for legislators to convene in November, and he is hoping at least enough of the Coalition will cross the aisle to allow his plan to pass.

The only significant difference in the package Inslee wants to pass is that he would give up on his idea of having a new bridge built across the Columbia River between Vancouver and Portland.

No word on how realistic the chances are of the legislature actually having the special session, but Inslee wants it to happen.