Less than 24 hours after dropping out of the Presidential race due to -0- polling, and being excluded from CNN's climate change debate in September, Gov. Inslee has let it be known he will seek another term in Olympia.

According to the Seattle Times, and other news sources, he has released the information on Twitter, and several people very close to his campaign say he is.

Now Inslee will have to face fast-rising criticism over his running up a $3 million dollar tab (some sources say $2 million but don't include August) for his Washington State Patrol security detail.  Due to his extensive travels across the country during his campaign, the detail had to be expanded to keep up. When all the costs were totaled, it was in the millions, according to KIRO-TV Seattle.  And, it's taxpayer money.

KIRO referred to it as, while his Presidential chances dwindled, his expenses rose sharply.

Some legislators attempted to include a provision during the legislative session this year to require Inslee to pay back the WSP, earlier this year money had to be diverted from other programs to cover these costs.

Inslee's only real response to the mounting costs is that such security is legally mandated for a standing Governor in Washington state, whenever he travels or makes appearances, especially outside the state. The Spokesman-Review quoted him as saying "It's the law."

He is also facing growing criticism for what legislators and even Seattle media say is a lack of 'action and leadership' when it comes to helping Seattle and King County deal with it's exploding homeless and related crime, drug and sanitation issues.

The next Governor's election is in 2020.


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