A stealth drone so secret the US has not even issued in flight pictures of it yet is missing.

The RQ170 is so advanced, no official pictures of it have been released by US military officials.  Those same officials have confirmed that Sunday, the drone went missing during a patrol, and is apparently in the possession of Iranian Military authorities.  The US officials did NOT say it was shot down, however.  Because the airplane "did not exist" before it was finally acknowledged in 2007, very little is known about it.   It is believed to be about 65 feet wide (wingspan) and built of non metal materials and other stealth technology to prevent radar and other tracking.  Because it is designed to fly at altitudes of nearly 50,000 feet, US officials believe a malfunction led to it's crash, reported in Iran with minor damage.   US officials believe it will be put on display for propoganda purposes.  In July, according to Fox News,  Iranian officials alledgedly showed Russian officials examples of other unmanned drone aircraft it had downed over the years. No mention was made of what, if any, secret spy technology may have been on board. Click on the play arrow in story to learn more.

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