A newer form of tech is now being used by human smugglers in their efforts to get illegals over the border from Mexico.

 US Customs and Border Patrol agents learn drones are spying on them

The UCBP reports on January 30th of this year, two agents discovered a truckload of 30 migrants crossing into the US at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, which is just south of San Diego.

After arresting two migrants, the agents and others continued to pursue the other migrants as they fled north towards National City, CA.  Agents followed the migrants to a safe house, where they located several US Citizens who oversaw this illegal facility. Several more arrests were made, and the recovery of thousands of dollars in cash, and a fully-loaded AR-15-style rifle. But the agents also found evidence of a new disturbing practice.

   Agents find video from drone surveillance

According to UCBP:

"During the subsequent investigation, arresting agents discovered footage that smugglers recorded of the Border Patrol agents encountering the 30 migrants crossing illegally the previous night. The footage was captured by a drone used by the smuggling organization."

Officials say this is a new, but growing trend they are seeing in the last month or two, human smugglers using drones to monitor the movements of UCBP agents.

These drones, say officials, are allowing criminals to keep tabs on agents locations, perhaps figure out where they are conducting operations, and also jeopardizes the UCBP agents if their faces happen to be recorded.



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