Since 2018, even earlier, the city of Seattle, namely the City Council, have sought ways to pass taxes and grab cash from major businesses, namely, Amazon.

In 2018 Council members Kshama Sawant and Tammy Morales were pushing what was referred to as the "Amazon Head Tax," which would have levied enormous new fees for every Amazon worker within the city limits of Seattle.

It was considered so outrageous that the council repealed it, knowing well it would end up in a referendum and be overturned by citizens.

Now after the latest tax that just passed, ironically named "JumpStart Seattle," it appears Amazon's patience has worn out. Jason Rantz of KTTH AM radio reports it would place a 1.4% tax on every employee (regardless of business) who makes over $150,000 and 2.4% for those making over $400,000.

The manner in which they passed the tax was under the guise of COVID Pandemic relief, which means conceivably the tax could not be publicly challenged, and Rantz reports the tax would not expire once the COVID crises is considered 'over.'

This is the latest in a long line of economic and social justice attacks on the retail giant that have been ongoing for some time. Now, it appears, they've had enough.

Rantz was made aware of a communication sent to all Amazon Puget Sound area employees Thursday, asking areas they would prefer to work, and all of them were outside of Seattle. An Amazon worker, speaking on condition of anonymity said they didn't blame the company for looking elsewhere.  The worker said if it were their sole decision, they would definitely minimize their footprint in Seattle.

The poll also went to employees who do work in Seattle so it indicates their opinions will be utilized in future decisions.

The Chief Economist for Windermere Real Estate said weeks ago not to be surprised for announcements to be made in the next few weeks about a massive Amazon expansion into Bellevue or perhaps another area city.

Experts don't think they will completely abandon the city, but any significant reduction or moving of services, couple with expansion into other cities, could prove devastating for the city's economy--especially with the economy being wracked by COVID issues.

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