A workshop will be held soon in Richland, with the City Council possibly discussing whether to lift the ban on recreational pot within it's limits.

A group called "Legalize Richland" has been increasingly vocal about allowing pot sales in the city, and it includes a variety of people, some of them business folks.

To revisit, when legalized pot passed in WA, the language of the initiative did NOT prohibit cities or counties from enacting their own bans on the pot industry, and that has held up in court cases all over the state. At least three citizens who obtained and paid for pot business licenses sued in Benton County Superior Court--and lost.

Now, the city is mulling the idea. At a city council meeting Tuesday, the session was full of supporters, as well as those who oppose the idea. Legalize Richland presented a petition asking the city to allow it to go to a vote of the residents, but the city attorney struck it down as invalid. The very fact the Council is willing to discuss the issue indicates to some a softening of the ban idea.

Now, the city plans a formal workshop soon to re-examine the idea. Kennewick and Pasco have similar bans within their city limits. Although legalized pot passed statewide, it was rejected by an average margin of about 60 percent no to 40 percent yes, if you average together Benton, Franklin, Adams, Grant and Yakima Counties. All but 2 East side counties rejected I-502.

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