According to leading computer researchers and tech experts, millions of smart phones have a surprise for you.  They contain tracking software that some experts call spyware.

Android phone developer Trevor Eckhart, in a youtube video, details how software from CarrierIQ allows companies to track virtually every action an owner takes on their phone.   The company, Carrier, claims the software helps improve quality and performance by "counting and measuring operational information on mobile devices."   However, Eckhart, in his video, shows how the software goes beyond that-seemingly monitoring text messages, calls, and other personal information.   Sprint, among other companies, acknowledges the software is in the phone, but denies it's used to monitor personal phone usage.    Eckhart says the data is so deeply imbedded in the core of the phone's operation it cannot be uninstalled without rebuilding the phone from source code, basically, scratch.   It affects even phones that are out of contract, there's no way to turn off the Carrier IQ program. What do YOU think?  Leave us a comment!

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