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According to published reports, Ford Motor Company is joining a few other automakers by announcing they are dropping the AM Radio feature from their 2024 models.

Ford says they will not include AM Radio option

 Fox Business reported on Friday, April 5th, that Ford will join BMW, Tesla, and some other makers in removing the feature.

Ford Spokesman Wes Sherwood confirmed the move, according to Fox Business:

"We are transitioning from AM radio for most new and updated 2024 models," and he went on to say:

"Ford will continue to offer these alternatives for customers to hear their favorite AM radio music, news, and podcasts as we remove amplitude modulation -- the definition of AM in this case -- from most new and updated models we bring to market."

He said due to numerous contractual obligations, commercial lines of vehicles will still retain the AM feature.

This move comes at a time when there are growing concerns about citizens' ability to receive updates, news, and other emergency information via the radio in the U.S.

Ford had previously said it was removing AM from its 2023 Lighting EV Pickup because the frequency interfered with the electronic functions of the vehicle, but Congressional legislators did not buy that, according to Fox Business.

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In contrast to Ford, BMW, Tesla, and others removing AM, Fox Business says a number of automakers still retain AM access:

(according to Democratic Senator Ted Markey-Mass) "Ten automakers -- Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar/Land Rover, Kia, Lucid, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Stellantis, Subaru, and Toyota -- still maintain access to broadcast AM radio in their vehicles." 

Many U.S. officials are pushing to keep AM radio in all new vehicles because that is one of the primary methods used for the Emergency Alert System (EAS) as well as FEMA and other emergency-related broadcasts.

Perhaps a motivation to download your favorite AM station's Mobile App?

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