'Cabin Fever' Drag Racers Nailed by Off Duty Sheriff
Sometimes law enforcement officers refer to them as 'cabin fever' racers, because they've been cooped up for weeks or months, and have not been able to vent their 'urge' to drive, well, stupidly.
A Franklin County off duty sheriff just happened to be on his way home Thursday …
Vandals Damage Many Vehicles in West Richland Spree
West Richland police are seeking information, including surveillance video if anyone has some, to find who the suspect(s) are that vandalized at least 8 vehicles overnight.
Police say between 11pm and early Thursday morning, vandals cut a swath from Maple Lane and Bombing Range road, to South Highlan…
Despite EPA Emissions Rollbacks, Inslee Vows to Keep CA Standards
Gov. Inslee announced Wednesday despite planned rollbacks by the EPA over fuel standards (CAFE-Corporate Automotive Fuel Economy) WA state will continue to mirror California when it comes to mileage and emissions requirements.
Washington state voters passed the Clean Car Law in 2005, which mandated n…

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