Due to a $90K grant, the City of Pasco will soon be installing a new EV charging station near City Hall, close to the Police Station.

  Grant will provide 9 'dual-plug' chargers

According to information from the city, via their Facebook page, the city will be installing  9 dual-plug charging stations, featuring "18 dual-head level 2 J1772 chargers."

These are fairly common charging units, they are mid-range models, Level 1 is the slowest, often used by homeowners (overnight charge). Level 2 chargers can restore a low battery to full power in 1 to four hours.  Level 3 is the fastest, requiring about 30 minutes.

A dual-plug charger will provide 18 plugs, so 18 vehicles would be able to charge at one.  The City did not provide a timeline for when the project will begin or will be finished. They also did not specifically say where the grant came from, but the WA State Department of Commerce has been granting numerous similar funds for communities around the state.

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The City referenced drivers taking some time to check out the area businesses, nearby parks etc. while their vehicles are charging.  According to various online charging station reporting services, there are 21 public charging stations in Pasco, 25 in Kennewick, and 18 in Richland.


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