I love personality tests and quizzes, especially ones that feature Washington state or its unique and interesting cities. We have all types of folks living here, from artsy-fartsy types who consider themselves as “free spirits”, all the way down to country-as-cornbread people who refer to themselves as “town folks”.

Whether you’re a busy cosmopolitan millionaire and billionaire, an unfortunate soul living in abject poverty on the streets, or somewhere in between, the town you live in has a distinct vibe that I think could be considered a personality. Some of my favorite types of personality tests include the ones like, “Which dog personality type are you” or “Which American city fits your personality?” I thought it might be fun to create one for cities in Washington state.

washington state:

located in the Pacific Northwest

population: 7.7 Million

I chose eleven (11) cities here in Washington that I will pair up with a drink personality type. Each is delightful in its own way, depending on your outlook. I didn’t include any drinks with alcohol in them, because that has been done before and frankly, I think is rather boring.

The 11 cities I’ve chosen include Bellingham, Ellensburg, Olympia, Pullman, Puyallup, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, and Yakima. They are some of the major towns where people are centrally located in one big lump. When people come to visit Washington state, they generally gravitate to making a stop in one of these cities.

Keep in mind that all of these Washington state "city personalities" are in jest. Lighten up and take it all in with a grain of salt!

11 WA State Cities’ Perfect Drink Matches

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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