The Blue Bridge Renovation continues and motorists are urged to be patient.

The Blue Bridge of Tri-Cities is what takes us between Kennewick and Pasco over the Columbia River. Approximately 66,000 vehicles travel over the bridge daily. The US 395 Pioneer Memorial Bridge is currently undergoing a paint job. The last time the structure was painted in its entirety was in 1994. Did you know the bridge is actually two different colors?

According to WSDOT, the cost of the project is $33.5 million. The renovation is expected to be completed in early 2025. Motorists may and should expect delays.

Travelers and local users can expect construction travel delays from intermittent north and south bound lane closures day or night as crews work on the bottom and top portions of the bridge.

WSP Trooper Chris Thorson explains using the zipper merge:

 According to a release from the City of Kennewick:

Patti Banner
Patti Banner

Crews will remove the old peeling paint, clean and paint all exposed metal, and apply new paint to the entire bridge structure. Crews will also work to complete minor maintenance and repairs such as replacing rivets and signage.

The Blue Bridge was built between 1951 and 1954, replacing the Green Bridge to accommodate the increased traffic. In 2002, the Blue Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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The Blue Bridge is one of three bridges connecting Pasco to Kennewick and Richland. The Cable Bridge is to the East and there's the I-182 Bridge (Lee Volpentest Bridges) from Richland to the Northwest.

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