Because there isn't enough to worry about today, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office is warning resident of another phone scam making the rounds. A caller is identifying themselves as a member of the Sheriff's Office.

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NO Law Enforcement Officer will ever call you asking for money. It won't happen.


Several residents have contacted the Franklin County Sheriff's Office reporting that they've received calls demanding payment for missing jury duty. You should know that no one is ever issued a fine for missing jury duty. Nor will a police officer ever ask for payment of any kind. People are reporting that the scammer has demanded payment in Bitcoin, Cash App, gift cards, or PayPal. Law enforcement Officers do NOT call people demanding payment. This is a scam.


Please warn your family, elderly neighbors, and anyone who is easily influenced.

If you've lost money, possessions or shared personal information with others, call your local police department to report it. If you're not sure you're a victim of a scam or fraud, still report the incident in question. You can report a scam here. If you've been a victim of identity theft, you can report it and get a recovery plan started here.

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