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A US District Court Judge has dismissed a Seattle-area church's lawsuit against the 2018 law that requires businesses to provide healthcare plan options that cover abortions.

Judge rules choosing a healthcare plan is not a religious decision

According to information from The Center Square, US District Judge Benjamin Settle's judgment included this statement:

 “Purchasing a health insurance plan is not an ecclesiastical decision and thus the religious autonomy doctrine does not apply, Cedar Park’s religious autonomy claim therefore fails as a matter of law.”

The church, Cedar Park Assembly of God, located in Kirkland, had challenged the 2018 Senate Bill (SB) 6219, which mandates that all WA state employers must provide a healthcare plan(s) that include coverage for abortions.

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The judge also wrote in his opinion:

  (there are) “multiple legitimate governmental purposes for enacting SB 6219, including promoting gender equity, promoting economic success of women, improving women’s health, and protecting privacy. These are all legitimate governmental purposes.”

The church had argued requiring them to provide abortion coverage went against their faith-based beliefs.

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