Who's Going To Be The Golden Bachelorette? Is Faith Martin In The Running?

If you were a fan of The Golden Bachelor and have been wondering who the new Golden Bachelorette is going to be, news has broken from the producers that have a clue on who it might be on the show.

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Could Washington's Faith Martin Be The Very First Golden Bachelorette?

From the start of the series, fans thought that Tri-Cities favorite Faith Martin was the obvious choice for the proposed spin-off and it might soon be a reality as the producers dropped a hint yesterday on the selection process.

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One reason why Faith Martin might be the choice is because she came in third in the original Golden Bachelor and she's built quite the fan base even outside of Washington State.

Faith Martin

I've seen the comments all over social media and noticed that no matter what, people didn't seem to like the idea of Leslie Fhima being the Golden Bachelorette but she's on the short list of speculation.

So far rumors are running rampant that maybe it'll be a celebrity like Kathie Lee Gifford or a complete unknown, the one thing we do is that people are curious to see who the Golden Bachelorette will be.

Photo by KC Petersen Photography
Photo by KC Petersen Photography

According to Screenrant.com and 6ABC, casting director Jacqui Pitman had this to say about the casting of the Golden Bachelorette: "I can tell you nothing! But she's amazing."

So that tells you that producers already know who they've cast. All I know is that Faith Martin herself is "mum" on the subject as you know these shows film in secrecy and no one is allowed to say anything.

We do know the Golden Bachelorette will premiere this fall on ABC and fans are excited to see if our own Benton City's Faith Martin is the first Golden Bacherlotte but like the rest of the nation, we'll have to wait for the official announcement from ABC.

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