Can dogs be ticketed if caught wandering loose in West Richland?

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The answer is YES. Well, YOU may receive a ticket subject to a fine of $75 from the West Richland ACCO. And that's for your pet's first offense. The fine is doubled for a second offense. According to a post on the West Richland Facebook page:

Reference WRMC 6.28.010 Animals at large, which is a $75 fine for a 1st offense and $150 for a 2nd offense. Prior to issuance of a fine, unless there was harm due to dog being loose, one warning or more is provided to the owner.

How can you report a loose dog in West Richland?

You can call the West Richland  ACCO at 509-967-7112. Take a clear photo of the dog in violation. The loose dog will be held in a shelter for 24 hours. after that time, the dog will be sent to an agency for the remainder of the holding period. (72 hours) The dog can be adopted out after the holding time.


What if you believe your animal has been impounded by the City?

Call the West Richland Police Department at 509-967-3425. Impound fees apply.

Owners of lost animals should call immediately to maximize the chances of reuniting with their pets. The information will be entered into our database for comparison with known impounds and will also be available to officers patrolling the community.

Call 911 if you encounter a vicious or dangerous animal that's an immediate threat

Keep your pets contained to avoid any tickets. If you're having an issue and need assistance, contact the ACCO at 509-967-7112.

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