A Winter Weather Advisory ended the work day for PNNL and the 300 area of Hanford.

Only essential staff have the authorization to access the two work sites.

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Workers were sent home early (10 am) due to the forecast.

The Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect till 10 pm Tuesday for the Lower Columbia Basin. Mixed precipitation and areas of freezing rain are possible.

Plan on slippery road conditions for the evening commute. Slow down and exercise caution while traveling. Tuesday's high is 36 degrees. Because the evening low will be hovering around 32 degrees, roadways may remain slick. Wednesday promises a high in the '40s.

Are you a fan of winter? It can be expensive.

Lots of people enjoy the winter cold. It's a reason to purchase winter wear. Sweaters, jackets, hats, mittens, scarves, and boots are necessary. And, if you want to participate in any winter fun, such as skating or skiing, that's going to cost you. When I lived in Minnesota, all my friends had sleds. And, I'm referring to motorized sleds, as in snowmobiles.


Snowmobiling is fun and EXPENSIVE. So, I don't have a snowmobile here. I NEVER learned to ski. Although, I did try. I bruised everywhere and had to surrender. I am NOT meant to ski. But tubing, I LOVE. And, no coordination is necessary. I hear the best place for tubing, day or night is in Oregon.

This is our first taste of winter weather in the Tri-Cities. Buckle up, add extra time to your commute, and use caution to reach your destination safely. If you don't have to go out, don't.

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