Some days, I wish I could travel more. Whether for work or pleasure, the road seems to have new and exciting experiences at every turn. You don't even need to leave Washington to experience some once-in-a-lifetime memories. Take, for example, the Bacon & Eggs Skatepark near Buckley, Washington.

Movie fans will recognize Buckley as being the hometown of Chris Farley's character in Black Sheep. The film was the final on-screen pairing of Farley with David Spade. Spade's character was in charge of keeping Farley's character from unwittingly de-railing his brother's bid for Governor of Washington.

Buckley, Washington Photo by Carson Vara on Unsplash
Buckley, Washington
Photo by Carson Vara on Unsplash

With a population of just over 5,000 people, Buckley is well-known throughout the Pacific Northwest for its annual Log Show. We'll talk about that dose of outdoorsy awesomeness another time. First things first, breakfast.

The Bacon & Eggs Skatepark in Wilkeson, Washington is one of the most unique attractions in the state.

A mere five miles from Buckley is the small town of Wilkeson with a population of less than 500. But when social media celebrity and professional scooter rider Raymond Warner saw a video on Instagram about the "Bacon & Eggs" skatepark, he had to check it out, buying a ticket to Washington almost instantly.

So, what did the scooter rider think? In a mixed review, Warner said that the mechanics of the park from a riding standpoint weren't all that great but, "All in all, we had a good time going out to the park and trying out the oddity that was the bacon and eggs park," adding that it was "probably the weirdest skatepark out there."

Check out a great aerial view of the park here.

This is a Grindline skateparks owned video.mp4 from Dot Cherch on Vimeo.

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