You've heard about the Jedi Alliance in Spokane, the teeny-tiny Wayside Church near Monroe, but this next Washington state attraction could take the cake.

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Zillah, a town of just over 3,000 people, is well-known to most eastern and central Washingtonians. But did you know about the Church of God-Zillah?

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That's the old, unofficial name from about twenty years ago. The church has since found a new identity as the Christian Worship Center. The Godzilla motif came as a play on words. You know, Church of God. In Zillah. Godzilla, God-Zillah. Fortunately, the church was led by a minister with a sense of humor and appreciation of pop culture.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Some twenty-plus years ago, a church member donated a metal skeleton of a t-rex. The creature was given a cross to hold in one tiny t-rex hand and a sign for the other. Beneath its feet, a sign says "Church of God-Zillah" with the church's phone number. There was talk about lights in the eyes that would flash at passers-by, but I haven't found any recent activity on the attraction. One traveler alleges the statue was "taken down" as recently as 2019. I surely hope not, but if you do know the fate of the legendary God-Zillah t-rex skeleton, please let me know. The Google Street View photo I sourced was taken in 2021, so perhaps it was removed but only temporarily.

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