The owner of a downtown Kennewick night club is being sued, along with the former general manager and several employees -- but it has nothing to do with the Ben Ensign incident.Michael Cates, a former resident of the Tri-Cities, has filed a personal injury suit for an undisclosed amount of money against owner Todd Jones, bouncer Matthew Hibbard (who is also the former general manager) and bouncer Benjamin Trudeau.

The suit stems from a February 2011 incident in which Cates was thrown out of the club on Kennewick Ave. after a fight involving patrons and bouncers. Cate's suit claims he was trying to intercede on behalf of a female patron who was also removed. Cate claims he was severely assaulted a second time when he returned to the club later and demanded to speak to management. Cates was originally charged in that fight, but he was acquitted, and charges against other patrons were also dropped.

Cates, who now lives in Seabeck, Washington, claims he suffered permanent injuries including vision issues. He says he requires constant care due to those injuries.   Newstalk 870 reported this incident last year.

Aside from then Ben Ensign situation, a third patron accused of assault during an altercation outside the bar was not prosecuted after Benton County officials decided the majority of witnesses and evidence supported the person's claim they were defending themselves against security bouncers. 25-year-old Brian Duncan Alexander was arrested after the Feb. 5, 2012 incident. Bouncers were reportedly breaking up a fight outside the club that night when Duncan became involved in an altercation with a security guard.

Benton County prosecuting attorney's office officials said the case would not likely result in a conviction of the defendant.

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