Kennewick police say a man who was involved in some confrontations with people was possibly armed, and actually swallowed some ammunition.

Police now say the man, who was arrested Sunday evening, had allegedly assaulted some people at an establishment in the 900 block of West Columbia Drive. Upon arrival police said the man was drunk, based upon his staggering physical and mental behavior.

Witnesses claimed the man was armed with a gun in his waistband, but it was not found by police. However, some said the man was seen swallowing ammunition. The man was taken to Trios Southridge ER, and an X-ray showed he had at least one bullet, probably .38 caliber, in his intestines. The Benton County jail refused to intake the man until he 'passed' the ammunition, which officials said could take 1-2 days.

In the meantime after he was processed by police and released with charges pending by the prosecutor, the man was seen attempting to get into cars parked outside the police station. The man's father was located in Connell and he agreed to come transport him away from the station, with a later court date pending.

No word on if the ammo passed safely.

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