Low water levels are party to blame for two jet ski riders being injured Saturday afternoon near Pasco.

Officials from various local agencies including Benton and Franklin County Sheriff's and medical units were called to the area of Shoreline Road in West Pasco Saturday afternoon, after a jet ski that was skimming across the water slammed into rocks just inches below the water. The area is roughly across from Howard Amon Park on the Pasco side of the river.

Authorities say the watercraft ran aground, and the abrupt stop threw both riders into the water. Officials didn't say the extent, but both were transported by ambulance due to their injuries.

Because of low water levels, EMS crews had to wade about 100 yards out into the water to get to them. The jet ski was totaled, destroyed beyond repair, said officials.

Although the low water levels contributed to the accident as the water is usually deeper, officials say you always need to 'scout' out if possible the areas where you're going to be boating or especially jet skiing at high speeds.


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