A job-seeking TikTok content creator had the best response after learning he was denied employment after being accidentally CC'ed in an internal HR email.

Searching for a new job can be tough. Alexander, who shares content under the username @noveltygay on TikTok, joked about apparently not being the right fit for a job he recently applied for at his local coffee shop.

Alexander shared a video on the social media app with the caption, "Yeah, breakups hurt and stuff but have yall ever been CC'd on HR emails talking about why they don't want to hire you?"

His captions float over screenshots of the email, where viewers can see the email chain. One excerpt reads: "Well, that's interesting. Ok, so, let's reject him."

The 8-second clip, posted on Monday (March 14), has garnered over 2.8 million views. Watch below:

He had a good sense of humor about the experience, and as it turns out, not landing a gig is very relatable for many.

Other users on TikTok commented how they have spent countless hours perfecting their résumés, submitting applications and interviewing, often never to hear back from companies.

Many hoped Alexander would share the backstory of his experience. Alexander delivered, sharing a second video update explaining that he had applied to the same company on three separate occasions.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, the job didn't work out.

In Alexander's update video, he shared screenshots from additional company correspondence, revealing the company's communication has been messy from the start.

Alexander explained one time they thought they had sent him interview times and believed that he "no called, no showed" the interview.

He claimed he responded to their email, clarifying the situation, and shared concrete screenshots proving that he never received communication from them.

Thankfully, Alexander is unbothered by being denied a job at the unnamed coffee company.

"I am a good worker. I have trained under nationally certified baristas, and I am not going to be putting up with s---t, like, disorganization, being CC'ed on the email," he shared. "No. I am just not going to do it."

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