There's been comments, perhaps a little ripple, but so far the fallout from the controversial Nike Colin Kaepernick ad hasn't caused a huge drop in sales of Nike products, at least at Big 5 Sporting Goods in Kennewick. Since the demise of Sports Authority, Big 5 has soley taken over as the 'big' place to get athletic-team-sports gear in the Mid-Columbia.

A call to the store Tuesday afternoon revealed there's been a few comments here and there, and perhaps a slight 'ripple' but nothing really has changed as far as sales patterns.

Nationally, some experts say it's early before any noticeable effects are felt, at least on a widespread scale. The initial 'shock wave' over the controversial ad was first felt on the stock market, where Nike shares did take a hit.

But locally, on the sporting goods scene, price and need for a product are still the prime movers said a sales associate. Many consumers, especially parents shopping for goods for their kids' sports seasons, consider price and how badly and quickly they need the shoes, socks, ball, etc.

It appears, say some experts, the retail effect on Nike will probably follow the initial stock drops, by this weekend or next, there will be a better picture of what impact this ad will have on actual retail sales.

Actually, on a national level, Adidas has been the strongest growing, or rebounding brand in the U.S. According to Forbes, CNN Money and other sources, for almost the last year Adidas has grown steadily, and during that period, outperformed both Under Armor and Nike.

Initially Under Armor took a decent chunk of business away from the Eugene, OR based Nike, but Forbes last fall said both those companies had "hit a wall."

Many experts point to better products, choices and prices coming from Adidas.

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