Kennewick Police responded to a call about an alleged armed male student at Kamiakin High School this morning.

According to KPD's Facebook page, this is how the incident went down and the results of the investigation:

On the morning of January 7, 2020, an alert teacher at Kamiakin High School reported to security that a student’s backpack was left in their classroom. When the security staff member arrived, they noticed the smell of marijuana and opened the backpack to find drugs and a pistol. Kennewick Police were immediately notified and an officer found that the gun was loaded. The 15-year-old student was located in another classroom and apprehended by officers after an attempt to flee. There was never any known or perceived threat to students or staff. The student is in police custody and was emergency expelled from school. The student was later booked into Benton Franklin Juvenile Justice Center for Possession of a Firearm of School Property and drug violations.

We want to thank our partners at the Kennewick School District for their quick action and our staff members who followed safety protocols in this situation. We are grateful that our students and staff are all safe.


You can read more about the arrest and violation here 



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