During last nights Kennewick Grid Kids Super Bowl games at Neil F. Lampson stadium,   the Kennewick Grid Kid Cheerleaders made a great donation to the Tri Cities Cancer Center Foundation. (Photo courtesy of Kennewick Grid Kids website)

Each of the 8 groups, or organizations, has their own set of cheerleaders.   The program was kicked off a couple of years ago to give girls ages 6-13 a chance to participate in cheerleading, gain some experience, and have fun.  the Tigers, Huskies, Bears, Colts, Rams, Coyotes, Panthers and Eagles each have several groups of girls who cheer during their games throughout the regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl games.

They all wear the same style uniforms, and take turns rooting on their own organization's different age group football squads.   They put in as much work practicing as the teams do.

Last night, the cheerleaders presented a check for $900 to the Cancer Center Foundation, wrapping up a fund raiser they launched during the season!

Here's a shot of the girls presenting the check.  The fundraiser was a collective effort by all the cheerleaders working together as one big group to raise the money.

Great job kids!

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