The Kennewick School Board just approved a plan to add two more Kennewick police officers to help patrol the 5 schools in the district.

These two officers are added to the three officers already serving the high schools in the district, according to reports.

Chris Buroker is stationed at at Kamiakin, Mike Rosane at Kennewick and Tony Valdez at Southridge.

The two new officers will split duties, one at Highlands, Desert Hills and Chinook middle schools, and the other at Park and Horse Heaven Hills middle schools, but also helping out at Chinook.

"We already have a 2- to 3-minute response time, but having someone in the schools already will shorten that response time" says Sgt. Aaron Clem that supervises the SROs.

The police department and the school district share the cost of the new officers. The school district will pay $150,000 for the 2018 school year.

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