A Benton County Sheriff's Department K-9 was able to assist Kennewick Police in corralling an unruly trespassing suspect.

The man threw a rock through a business window

Kennewick Police did not say where the incident occurred but were trying to remove a man who was trespassed, or banned, from a business on Monday.

The suspect showed his displeasure by throwing a rock through a window, then he picked up several rocks and fled the scene on foot. Near some railroad tracks, he continued to run, but because he had the large rocks and continued to flee, officers tried a couple of non-lethal methods to try to stop him.

They didn't work, and the man continued to resist. Benton County's K-9 Sable happened to be not far away with his handler, and when he showed up, the suspect abruptly decided to surrender without incident.

He's now in the Benton County jail on multiple charges.

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