The Kennewick City Council Tuesday night voted 4-3 to keep Don Britain as it's Mayor but then one of the council members announced they'd filed a complaint against him.

The complaint, according to reports, was filed before the city council vote. Mayor Don Britain is facing the ethics complaint from Councilman Bill McKay, it's reportedly related to Britain's dismissal from his job over an ethics issue.

Last October, he was fired from his DSHS job after it was learned he'd signed a lease to help one of this clients obtain an apartment-housing. There was no evidence of a 'romantic' relationship between the client and Britain, but his actions violated policies that led to him being fired. He had also reportedly said he would allow the woman and her children to stay with him when they had been in danger of losing their housing.

The ethics complaint was signed by Councilman McKay, as well as newly elected Brad Beauchamp, and Councilman John Trumbo.

There is also reportedly a recall petition that was given to McKay by a group of citizens.


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