Suspect cleared of charges after video evidence does not support claims (KPD)
Suspect cleared of charges after video evidence does not support claims (KPD)

The man accused of allegedly trying to abduct a middle school girl in Kennewick is now free after charges were dropped late Friday.

 Extensive search of area video surveillance tapes did not corroborate student claims

The Kennewick Police Department released information going into the weekend that 28-year-old Devin Katsel of Kennewick had all of his charges cleared.

KPD reports Katsel was arrested after allegedly trying to abduct a girl who was walking to Park Middle school around noon on Thursday, Oct. 20th.

She was headed west towards the school on West 10th near South Benton Street when Katsel pulled up in a blue minivan, began to talk to her, and according to the girl, got out when he ignored her. He then allegedly tried to grab her, but she broke free and ran to the school.

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However, after he was arrested on Friday, October 21st, and was facing charges of luring and child molestation, he was released a week later, on October 28th after KPD says video surveillance footage of the area did not back up the student's claim.

KPD says it shows him pulling over and talking to the girl, but the video does not show any evidence of him exiting or attempting to physically confront or abduct her.

According to a release from KPD:

"After an additional interview with the student, it was determined that the luring and child molestation did not take place."

Kennewick Police, at last report, were continuing the investigation.

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