Kennewick police got a bit of a surprise Tuesday when they served a search warrant at a home, and found the suspect not only had property from crimes over the last two months, but dating back over a year.

Police searched a home in the 500 Block of West 28th Ave, as part of an ongoing investigation into burglaries over the last two months. The resident, 33-year-old David Tobias Jr, was also the suspect, and he was taken into custody.

Not only did Kennewick police find evidence linking him to numerous burglaries in the last 60 days, but property was also found linking him to similar crimes in other parts of Kennewick, Richland and West Richland dating back into early 2014.

Housewares, electronics, jewelry and collectibles were found, most of the property has been identified and will be returned to their owners.

Tobias is facing a laundry list of charges for burglary as well as a felony warrant.

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