If you're going to do something stupid, do it alone. The Tri-City Herald reported a 57-year-old man was fleeing sheriff deputies last Friday with his three pet dogs in the car when he lost control and rammed another vehicle head on.

The accident happened along south Rainier Street.

Was the man wanted in six states? Carrying 300 kilos for the cartel? Fleeing a bank robbery? No, he just had a suspended license!
I don't know if the dogs are OK but auto engineers are really smart people and they consider stuff like loose pets, so I am hopeful for them.

Whenever I travel with my Maltese we put him in a pet carrier safe in the back, or seat-belted into an empty seat. You should do the same. Sure, YOU weren't fleeing police but neither were the people he rammed into. What if they'd had THEIR fur babies in the car? Better be safe than sorry.

It's the holidays and I'm hoping -- for his family's sake -- that he'll be alright. And of COURSE I hope the victims will be OK... and that insurance will take care of everything. Let's hope for the best and remember to keep our animals safe while driving.

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