After a 20-plus year legal battle over who he 'belonged' to, the skeletal remains of Kennewick Man were returned to the earth by a confederation of Native American tribes. The location will not be disclosed to anyone except those who were part of the ceremony.

First discovered along the banks of the Columbia River in 1996 near Kennewick by two men, the skeletal remains were eventually found to be between 8,400 and 9,000 years old, according to scientists.

A plethora of court battles were waged over his ownership, Native Americans claiming he was 'theirs', scientists saying it was a natural discovery. After years of battling, during which there was time for much study of the bones, a court ruled he was truly a Native American.

The court, of course, could not determine which tribe he originated from. But after all that research and scientific examination, he most closely resembled people who populated the land all those years ago, most close to Native Americans.

For that reason, he was finally returned to the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla and at least five over tribes. He was reburied, according to KEPR-TV, at an undisclosed location, one that might not even be anywhere near the Mid-Columbia.

He was given back to the tribes last December.

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