For those who are unititiated,  Hooky Bobbing is (was) a practice by which somebody in a vehicle tows other people behind them and they sled in a variety of ways. Some used a rope and inner tube, others held onto the bumper and used their boots as 'skis.'

Others flip over an old car hood (preferably a Volkswagen Bug because a rope could be attached to the curve at the end) and towed behind a truck.

Kennewick police cited a driver late Monday night after numerous complaints came in to police in the 300 block of North Johnson Street.  Vadym Konko (age not given) was cited for reckless endangerment after he was spotted towing other individuals behind his truck, they were riding on a hood.

We certainly recognize the potential hazards, we are NOT advocating you do this. But we can't help but think back 25-30 years, perhaps even longer, when this kind of activity was commonplace. Back then, you were careful, the driver didn't do anything stupid, and personally, we never had anyone get hurt.

Again, we're not advocating it. It just seems to be a benchmark in our increasing 'fear' of things that once never bothered anyone...just our opinion.

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