No worries, your Kennewick 911 services aren't changing but getting an upgrade. Kennewick Police announced a new partnership with SPIDR tech. It means that KPD is expanding its 911 effectiveness and an upgrade to its 911 program.

Kennewick Police released a press release talking about the new 911 upgrades and what it means to the Kennewick community.

Here are the details on the upgrades:

At a time when it's crucial to improve community relationships, Kennewick Police Department is proud to announce our new partnership with SPIDR Tech. This partnership has expanded our capabilities in community engagement efforts by enabling us to send fully automated messages to victims of crimes and 911 callers.

When 911 is contacted, a message will acknowledge the call for service, provide the call reference number and advise if officers are delayed. Kennewick Police Department is committed to the safety of our community and this information helps to close the communication gaps between the 911-call taker, the officers, and the community member.

I've been fortunate to never have had to use the 911 service but I know that upgrades and expansion of the system is a great thing for the Kennewick Police and its citizens. if you ever have to use the service, KPD is willing and there to help you in any situation

You can read more details about the Kennewick Police Department here 

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