It will start as part of a pilot program being run through the federal government, but city officials believe felines could be an asset to the K-9 program.

Currently, K-9 units are used to apprehend suspects, track them, and sniff out drugs among their many duties. They also serve to help protect officers by taking down dangerous criminals.

But sometimes, their size and lack of climbing ability limit what they can do. So, officials are working on a training program that would utilize highly specialized cats. These animals would be used in situations where their ability to climb and squeeze through small spaces could help locate and apprehend suspects.

The cats will be put through a rigorous training program, and only the best will be released for pilot program training. We were told the pilot program will be part of the  CAT, or Criminal Apprehension Team.

This idea is really not new, similar programs have been tried overseas in England.

Cats undergoing initial police unit training with smaller dogs (Getty Images)

Besides federal funding, the program will also be paid for with grants from Purina.