In today's modern terminology, some say it was bullying, in older-school traditional terms, it appeared the boy was at least publicly reprimanded and embarrassed in front of others.

Newstalk870 has learned from sources that on January 20th of this year, a boy who attends the new Chinook Middle School in Kennewick was told by his ELA (English Language Arts) teacher that wearing a Trump-Build The Wall 2016 shirt to school was like "wearing a swastika."

We have chosen to withhold the boy's name and his family's identity for privacy reasons, but sources indicate the boy suffered public reprimand in front of other students on Inauguration Day. We have examined these sources, and they are credible.

The sources also indicate the boy and another student were kept in from lunch, not allowed to eat with the other students, and required to take their lunch in the school office. Sources indicate this action was a direct result of the shirt the boy wore to school, as well as the other student.

Sources indicate one of the math teachers at the school was wearing an Obama shirt that day. While people certainly have the freedom of expression, it was noted that while the teacher was wearing the Obama shirt, this student was called out for wearing an opposing view. The boy has been an open Trump supporter, and has publicly so since the beginning of the school year.

However according to sources, before the parents could contact the school, Chinook Principal Kevin Pierce contacted the family.  Sources indicate the parents were very impressed with the respectful, sincere and serious manner in which Mr. Pierce handled the situation. He apparently made it clear to the parents political bullying, one-sided criticism and other such actions are not OK.

Newstalk 870 Friday morning reached out to the Communications Director at the Kennewick School District, but as of this writing we have not heard back from them yet. When we receive any new information, we will certainly pass it along to our listeners and readers.

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