The 36-year-man was arrested Monday evening.

Police report Anthony Eisele was taken into custody shortly before 8:30 Monday evening after an employee at the Tri-City Food Bank at 424 West Deschutes  called police to report suspicious activity.    The woman noticed a set of blinds in one of the office windows were shut after she had left them open prior to locking and leaving the building for the evening.

Police arrived and saw Eisele walking around inside.  Turns out he was the suspect who had been in the building January 10th.  Workers reported to police that day someone had eaten some of the food, taken cash from a cash box, and the business computer had been accessed.  But Kennewick authorities didn't find any signs of forced entry.  They suspected an inside job, or more likely, someone had hidden inside and waited for the place to close.

Turns out, Eisele admitted when he was arrested Monday, he'd entered through an unlocked door over a week ago,  had found and stolen a set of keys, and since then had been entering the building after it closed for the night.  He had set up a makeshift bed, eating the stored food, and using the business computer!

He is now in the Benton County Jail facing Commercial Burglary charges.

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