The last time Easter fell on April first was back in 1956. So, April Fool's Day Easter pranks have been waiting for this moment for a LONG time! Sure, it's a bit mean to mess with your kids or other family/friends on Easter. But at the same time, it's such a great chance for some fun! Here's a short list of things we didn't think were TOO mean to pull this Easter Sunday! Have fun and Happy Easter Fool's Day!

Empty Eggs- Hide empty plastic eggs in the yard. Do some or do them all!! Haha! (But to ease their pain, have real eggs and treats after the joke.)*

NO Eggs- Or basket. Tell the kids the Easter Bunny came, but the Easter Fool stole their baskets! *See note above.

Egg Someone's House- No, don't throw eggs at someone's house. But if you have a good friend or neighbor, secretly hide Easter eggs in their yard. This one actually turns out pretty nicely, but they'll be surprised for sure!

Ham it Up- When bringing out the Easter dinner, bring out a "fake meal" first so they think they're eating something like leftovers, or all brussel sprouts for dinner.  Then maybe bring out the real thing... maybe...

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