Parents in the Kennwick School District may have received an email last week inviting them to perhaps consider joining the KSD new Equity Team.

What is the Equity Team? Here is some backround, and goals for the team.

Based upon information from the KSD, the district was tasked by the Superintendent of Public Instruction to create this team. During a workshop in mid July, the Kennewick School Board and other administrative officials were given a presentation that appeared to be from from the OSPI. (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction)

The presentation, some of the slides which are shown in this story, is intended to prompt the district to examine all aspects of it's programs for equity 'issues' that would hold back certain ethnic and societal groups as well as if any racism exists (systemic racism) in the systems.

Now District is seeking parents and community members to join the team. Deadlines are due by November 2. The team will be made up of 45 persons total.

One of the goals, according to KSD, is to "deepen and enhance understanding of equity related issues within the district,"  and also to "to address racism and bias where it exists..."

We asked the KSD what specifically prompted them to create this team, and based upon the data they supplied us, it comes from OSPI and Kris Reykdal.

It appears to imply, in some of the literature, that there is systemic racism built into the educational system, hence, the reason for the creation of the program prompted by the OSPI.

To see more information about this equity team, click on the button below.

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