AAA says we will get some relief if we are traveling this Labor Day weekend...if you're going OUTSIDE Tri-Cities.

So why are gas prices going to be the lowest this holiday since 2010?  Experts say the latest national figures show an average national price of $3.43, compared with $3.54 last year. The most expensive recent Labor Day national average fuel price was 2012, with a price of $3.83.

A combination of factors are keeping prices lower.  They include lack of 'geopolitical' tensions in major oil producing areas, a slowdown in demand (less driving?) and a quiet Hurricane season.   Major natural events that interrupt drilling and pumping,  transportation and production (refineries) lead to spikes.

But AAA and analysts say a pick up in the Hurricane season this fall could drive them up.  But if events continue as they have been, by Veteran's Day we could see a national average price around $3.25 per gallon.

However, a check of prices in Kennewick and Tri-Cities shows a low price, as of Thursday, of $3.64.   $3.72 in Pasco, and $3.71 in Richland.

Here's hoping our prices drop more towards that national average!