Benton County Sheriff's plan to increase patrols in the Lost Lake area, an spot known for partying and off-road enthusiasts, after somebody shooting off a gun plowed a bullet into a nearby home.

Late Sunday night between 9:30 and 10pm Sheriff's Deputies responded to the residence near SR 224 and Road Mountain Road. Calls were taken about hearing gunfire in the area, and upon arrival Deputies found a slug had hit a home. Fortunately did didn't penetrate all the way through or enter the home.

While shooting off a gun is not illegal at night, Deputies say reckless use of one is. Officials say they aware of the party activity in the Lost Lake area, and plan more emphasis patrols to slow down the behavior, especially after this mishap. The investigation continues.

Pretty sure they've already determined the caliber of the weapon, and are tracking down the gun.

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