After living here for a few years, it seems THE place to go is Leavenworth for a lot of outdoor adventures! I've been twice, and thoroughly enjoyed both stays. However, I did NOT stay for more than a night on both visits.

Doing some research, I discovered a wonderful Airbnb to share with you! This place looks AMAZING!

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Brucke Zum River Haus is located minutes away from downtown with all those wonderful shops to visit. Leavenworth is truly a beautiful gem to explore. And during the summer you can have some fun on the Wenatchee River kayaking, paddleboarding, and tubing. Maybe you like to hike or bike. Pick your poison.

And what's best, staying at this beautiful, spacious Airbnb you can bring the whole family and host a few friends. Stay for one night or maybe a week.

This property has it all!, with two-bedroom suites, six additional beds, and three baths.

Credit: Leavenworth Great, via Airbnb

According to Airbnb, you can:

 Relax and unwind on the deck off of the Great room overlooking the river and feel your tensions disappear. Or enjoy the beautifully equipped outdoor living area with patio, hot tub, outdoor kitchen & BBQ.

Credit: Leavenworth Great via Airbnb

Talk about style and luxury, this is the place you'd LOVE to have your family and friends stay. After all the sightseeing and outdoor adventuring, it's time to relax and unwind in luxury. Check out the entire property here!

Leavenworth Airbnb

You can stay at Brucke Zum River Haus for $899 per night. Stay in total luxury.

Better check the availability of Brucke Zum River seems to be pretty popular these days!

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