From a flying saucer in Rosswell, to a classic American colonial home, these are different.

 These McDonald's are in quite different buildings

According to Architectural Digest, there are 13 McDonald's restaurants around the world that are very different from the standard establishment.

In no certain order here's some of the list.

In Portal, Portugal, there is a McDonalds is located in what's called the Cafe Imperial Building, which had stained glass windows from it's days as a famous coffee cafe

A McDonalds in Budapest, Hungary is located in a railway station with an arched ceiling and  carved engravings.

Batumi, Georgia has a glass domed McDonalds, entire made up of large square glass panels.

Downey,CA has the 2nd McDonalds even built, and it still has the classic arch look and old-style writing.

Rosswell, New Mexico has a glass-themed restaurant that looks like a flying saucer with a large square entrance.


Rosswell McDonalds (google street view)
Rosswell McDonalds (google street view)

New Hyde Park New York has a restaurant in a refurbished barn once owned by a man believed to be one of the town's founders well over 150 years ago.

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